The King and I

If you happen to follow me on Facebook or Instagram, then you might have noticed a lot of posts from Leicester from around this time last weekend… Hard to avoid really. Sorry about that. Or not. I haven’t been back to Leicester since March 2015, when he was reinterred in Leicester Cathedral, which means I hadn’t seen … More The King and I

Five years today… The birth of Kindred Spirits

Well, sort of… Facebook kindly reminded me that five years ago today, on a freezing, blizzard-strewn morning, I made my way to a building that had, for whatever reason, not interested me in the slightest previously. Of course I’d known of the importance of the Tower of London in our history, how it was such … More Five years today… The birth of Kindred Spirits

Notes from the Tower

The Tower of London. So much history crammed into a relatively small patch of London. Now dwarfed by the surrounding tower blocks, it can be difficult to imagine just what impression the White Tower would have had when construction started, back in 1078. Also funny to think now, with the Tower being almost a symbol … More Notes from the Tower

To Mull and back!

Yesterday morning, I ensured my bag was packed for all weather eventualities, and headed along to Oban’s ferry terminal, to hop on the boat to Mull. It’s a trip I’ve made many times before, but yesterday was also a rare chance to meet up with a fellow Crooked Cat author, Yvonne Marjot. We’d met briefly … More To Mull and back!

Death at the Docks

It’s been a great week for inspiring writing events! Well, in one way. In another, my poor brain is feeling ever-so-slightly fried, and anxious as to how it will get all these new and shiny ideas out and onto the page! After Monday at Elementary Writers, then Thursday’s War Channels workshop, came North Tyneside Writers’ … More Death at the Docks