A Novel Approach 2: Come and meet your cast!


It’s just over a week until the second of my “A Novel Approach” workshops at North Shields Library, and tickets are still available – click for details here: here. Over 2.5hrs we’ll look at what makes characters stick in the memory, and how to make sure yours do the same, with exercises, sharing and discussions about the outcomes of those exercises.

focus photography of black ballpoint pen on ticker

If you already have a project in mind, that’s great – ‘bring along’ those characters, and we’ll work on those – but if not, there’ll be exercises to help you craft some new characters, which might just bring out a whole new story for you to play with!

Whether your stories begin with them, or they are added into a plot idea you fall in love with, creating convincing characters is vital to make your stories leap from the page. In order to make them more rounded, there will also be some discussion around other techniques, which you can take away and think about after the session, giving your heroes and villains a sense of purpose, a role in the story, and more importantly, traits which are realistic in any circumstances.

Do get in touch if you have any queries, and watch out for the next event, on Saturday 6th June, where we’ll be looking at setting…

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