A Novel Approach 4!


How are we possibly in July? And half-way through it at that! Well, somehow we are, which means… We’re nearly at the fourth of my creative writing workshops in North Shields…

On Saturday 3rd August, in just two weeks, I’ll be back, looking this time at conflict and pace. After all, much as we’d all like a simple route to happy ever after in our own lives, we don’t want to read about them, do we? What’s a story without a juicy obstacle or two thrown at our heroes and heroines, for them to overcome, victorious, and finally get what it is they’ve been searching for the whole book? After all, can you imagine Robin Hood without the Sheriff of Nottingham? Romeo and Juliet without their tragic family feud? Any detective without their evil villain (or two)?

Tickets are available from Ticketsource now, and the price includes written feedback on up to 1,000 words after the workshop.

This time, we’ll have exercises looking at how to bring in those conflicts in a realistic way (you don’t want your readers throwing your books at the wall, after all!), and to keep the pace set so that they’ll have to keep turning those pages… There will also be the chance to share your work, and have group discussions on the results of those exercises.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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