Kindred Spirits A-Z: Inspiration

The Kindred Spirits World... in 26 posts!

I’ve talked quite a lot about the inspiration behind the Kindred Spirits series, in that the idea originally came from a competition in Writing Magazine, one of my favourite publications. Every month I would try to enter their competitions, once I became a subscriber, and not once have I ever had any success. But then, I think the Kindred Spirits series was never meant to be a poem… And that’s how I started, writing a short poem about how, if they ever met, the spirits of Richard III and Anne Boleyn would potentially have a lot in common.

It isn’t a poem I’m overly proud of, but I’ve probably written most. There’s a very real chance the whole thing will be shared soon, so I won’t put you through it here, but suffice to say, I’m not a poet, despite the odd dalliance with the form.

Who is lurking in the ruins?

Back to that original inspiration though. Having always been a coward, the notion of writing a ghost story was an odd one. Even weirder when the book got published. Suddenly I was a writer of paranormal historical fiction, of ghost stories! But it also felt like it was opening a new door for me. I had found my ‘place’ in historical fiction, albeit not the one I thought I would find, all those years trying and failing to find a way into a story I wanted to tell. With the Kindreds, everything was different. Throughout the first draft, during the madness of NaNoWriMo 2013, the words just flowed. The characters came alive, and the plot fell into place.

Suddenly, I was finding inspiration and ideas everywhere. I couldn’t visit a historical building without wondering who might be lurking around in the shadows, and what stories they might be able to tell. It gave those visits a new angle, and even places I’d visited dozens of times took on a new lease of life.

That hasn’t gone away – the ideas are still buzzing, and I’m so glad!

Today’s question:

Have you ever written one thing, only to find it needs to be something else entirely? 


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