The ‘Other Project’

Are you monogamous, or a terrible flirt? Don’t worry, I’m not getting too personal here, I’m talking writing. Or reading, for that matter. Turns out I’m definitely the latter when it comes to books, writing or reading them! Hence jumping on the ‘distracted boyfriend’ meme bandwagon (as well as feeling quite proud for having worked out how to use the online meme generator, rather than just stealing somebody else’s version…).

blackboard business chalkboard concept

Is this you though? Is it an endearing sign of a creative brain, or is it the painful reality of being a complete flutter-brain? Are we just too excited about getting our shiny new ideas out onto the page, or is there something deeper, a reluctance to actually get to the end of something, in case, heaven forbid, we should be encouraged to share it with the world! Sorry, that all got very serious.

I am intrigued to hear what you think on this. Personally, my ‘projects list’ of ~20 rows can be an inspiration or a terror, depending on what mood I’m in, likewise adding something else to the end of it when an idea strikes. Some on there I know will likely never get written, but logging them somehow makes them legitimate, so if I accidentally spend a Sunday afternoon working on my themed poetry collection (no I won’t tell you, it’s a terrible idea, but maybe one day…), then at least it still feels ok to have done so, because, you know – it’s on The List.

At the moment, I have two projects at the top of the WIP pile: The Raided Heart and The Secrets of Whitehart Abbey. TRH is the Project I Should Be Writing, whilst Whitehart is definitely The Project I Should Be Leaving Alone Until I’ve Finished TRH. I love TRH, I do. We’ve been together, albeit a bit on/off, for twenty years. We’re fairly solid. But then Whitehart came onto the scene. It’s new, it’s exciting, and I had a GREAT idea to resolve the ending the other day, whilst out having a couple of drinks with friends. At one point, I decided to only work on Whitehart at work, over lunch, or if I stayed back late before going somewhere after work. Seriously – I was planning how to have an affair behind TRH’s back, using different laptops for each project! Ridiculous…

If I’m honest, TRH and I are going through a tricky spot. The ending is causing me some problems. Far too derivative and obvious, even for a romance. Perhaps couple’s counselling is the way forward, get an external opinion on things, but also, what if they tell me I should let TRH go, that Whitehart is ‘the one’? I’m not sure I’m ready for that yet.

So how about you? Are you caught in a writer’s triangle, trying to work out the one for you? Please tell me I’m not the only crazy one!

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