Kindred Spirits A-Z: Kindred?

The Kindred Spirits World... in 26 posts!

Slightly cheating today! But what other ‘K’ could I go for?

For whatever reason, I cannot write anything unless it has a title. Annoyingly though, once I give something a title, that’s sort of it. Stuck. However ‘working’ I want to think it is, it just gets into my brain, and won’t go away.


When I started writing Kindred Spirits: Tower of London, I had to have a title, but never imagined that one day, it would be on the front of an actual book. It came quite early on in the process, when I happened to say to someone that Anne and Richard would have been ‘kindred spirits’. When I submitted it to Crooked Cat, I still saw it as a working title, and even when it was accepted, I assumed that a ‘better’ title would somehow appear during the publication process. But of course, there is no ‘better’ title for this series. Kindred Spirits was the name it was given so early on, and it has worked happily for four years now, out in the wild.

Thinking about it, it’s perfect. It does exactly what it says on the tin, as well as leaving things nicely open for other books, simply exchanging ‘Tower of London’ for another location. That’s exactly what happened. And I’ve now got such affection for those two little words. And the gorgeous font they were crafted in for the cover artwork by Crooked Cat. I feel it’s my own little world, that I can keep adding to as the years go by, and one which I’m incredibly comfortable in now.

Whenever I visit a new site, I’m almost immediately thinking about its potential as a Kindred Spirits location, whether a particular character, or a theme which jumps out at me. It’s my default position, and I love it.

Today’s question:

Writers, how important is a title to you? Do you name a work-in-progress? And readers, how about you? Has a title ever been the entire reason for picking up or putting down a book? 


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