Hello, and welcome to the home of historical fiction with spirit!

Fancy partaking in some regal eavesdropping? Take a look at my Kindred Spirits series, following the ‘lives’ of the ghosts of the Tower of London, Edinburgh’s Royal Mile, the beautiful Westminster Abbey, or the ancient city of York…

Historical romance more your thing? Then slip through time to the court of Richard III, in The Last Plantagenet?, or let me transport you to the world of the border reivers, in The Raided Heart.

A girl and her king!

I love immersing myself in the writing world, and go along to as many workshops as possible, on all sorts of writing, and love dipping a toe into something new. I may be slightly obsessed with Richard III, but don’t worry, most people manage to block that out after a while…

I adore all things historical, not just Richard-related, including visiting sites, events, and trying to absorb as much as possible to get down into the notebook.

You can find me on Twitter, Instagram, or follow my Facebook page here.

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