Kindred Spirits A-Z: Jailbreak

The Kindred Spirits World... in 26 posts!

One thing which has really made me smile about the Kindred Spirits books has been the wonderful reviews they’ve each received. It’s not a lie when authors say that reviews make their day, whether the complex tales of Amazon algorithms are true or not. I’m so proud of the Amazon reviews each book has received, but also that they’ve been reviewed by some respected websites and blogs, including the Discovering Diamonds blog.

Kindred Spirits: Tower of London, Royal Mile and Westminster Abbey have each been reviewed, with Royal Mile being shortlisted for Book of the Month.

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This was exciting enough, but last Christmas, I was even more thrilled to get an email from Helen Hollick, who runs the website, asking if I’d be interested in taking part in the site’s Christmas event, writing a short story inspired by a song. For me, there’s always been one line, in one song, which drives me up the wall, so I HAD to go for that one. You can read the story here, on the DD website; can you guess the song? It’s not difficult, if I’m being honest!

It was fun though, going ‘back’ to the Tower of London, as I’d not written about that set of characters for a couple of years, and had forgotten how much I enjoyed spending time in their company. I have a feeling I’ll be getting them back again at some point in the future too! Hope you enjoy the short story…

Today’s question:

Have you ever been inspired by a song? 


2 thoughts on “Kindred Spirits A-Z: Jailbreak

  1. Not so much “inspired” by music, I definitely need to have the right music playing in the background as I write. The book I’m editing write now needs break up music, a new one I’m slowly writing to dark, mysterious songs. I can usually find a suitable playlist on Spotify, or edit one that exists to make it work!

    Found you through AtoZ. I’m taking audience suggestions for a new story every day this month. Come play with us!
    Doesn’t Speak Klingon

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