Free (and reduced) Spirits!

Have you read the Kindred Spirits series? Well, if not, here’s your chance to pick up all five ebooks for a total of just 99p, for a limited time only! And don’t forget, if you miss this opportunity, the whole series is always free on Kindle Unlimited.

For the rest of this weekend only, follow the universal link here, to find your next hauntingly-good read…

What do the ghosts of Anne Boleyn and Richard III talk about? How would Mary Queen of Scots handle the arrival of her troublesome ex-husband? What happens when you have up to seventeen monarchs all in one place at the same time? What does Britain’s most famous highwayman have in common with one of our most notorious traitors? And what happens when ghosts start taking day-trips?

Find out, as we visit London, Edinburgh, York, and more, meeting plenty of spirits-in-residence along the way…

Click on over to Amazon now, to discover some ghostly delights!


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