Kindred Spirits: Special offer weekend!

There’s a treat in store for you over on Amazon today! For a limited time, pick up the whole Kindred Spirits series as ebooks for a grand total of just 99p… Head over here, now, to pick up your copies…

Across the five books you can meet kings, queens, courtiers, and commoners alike, with old friends (and old enemies) thrown together in what can be a very chaotic afterlife.

Praise for the Kindred Spirits series:

Where it all began…

Tower of London: “New twist on a ghost story.”

Royal Mile: “If you’ve read the first book in this series, this one will certainly not disappoint – within the few few pages it will once again wrap you up in its world like a cosy blanket.”

Westminster Abbey: “Fantastic fiction combining ghosts and history.”

York: “The best one yet.”

Ephemera: “Every once in a while, a series comes along that makes my heart sing! Could be the plot, the characters, the writing or the gem of an idea. Sometimes everything combines together (like Kindred Spirits) and you just have a truly enjoyable mix that is a joy to read. This little series for me is perfect.”


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