Sunday Sojourn – Romanov’s Russia

Today, we’re heading somewhere I’ve found fascinating in recent years, and read / watched as much as I can about – Russia, and with particular focus on the Romanov Dynasty. Our guide today is writer Elizabeth Ducie, who I’ve ‘met’ online as part of the Swanwick Writers’ School Facebook group. Over to you, Elizabeth… Between 1993 … More Sunday Sojourn – Romanov’s Russia

Sunday Sojourn – Thanks, and into 2017!

Hello all, and welcome to the last Sunday Sojourn of 2016. This year, I’ve really enjoyed reading all my guests’ answers to my Q&A, but I have to admit, I’ve enjoyed the ‘visits’ which have been taking place for the last couple of months. We’ve hopped across seas, seen cities and countryside, and personally, I’ve learned a lot about … More Sunday Sojourn – Thanks, and into 2017!