One month ’till Twelve Dates!

I can’t believe how quickly this has come around, but Twelve Dates ‘Till Christmas goes live one month today, on 5th October! Have you pre-ordered your copy yet? Click here, to head straight to your local Amazon, and make sure you receive the ebook nice and early on launch day…

Given how close we are to the 5th October, I thought I’d give you a proper introduction to Callum and Lexie!

It sounds odd, I know, but these two arrived in my mind fully-formed during one particularly bad night’s sleep earlier this year, along with most of their story-line; the best of friends since university, but could there be something more to it, after all these years?

In terms of inspiration, Callum is definitely inspired by Santiago Cabrera, best known to me as Aramis in the BBC’s Musketeers, or Lancelot in Merlin (and clearly a man not to be trusted around royal women!). He needed to be in modern attire for this though, and so I found this image of him as Darius Tanz, in the American show Salvation, in which I think he fits the bill pretty perfectly! What do you think? He’s also the inspiration behind the hero in another of my current WIPs, with a working title The Widow and The Rake, but in that, he’s most definitely in his Aramis attire!

For Lexie, it was a little trickier to find a good image. Even though I had described her as having brown hair in the story, the image I kept coming back to in my mind was of the character Zoe in How I Met Your Mother. With my fingers crossed, I did a search to see if the actress, Jennifer Morrison, had ever had brown hair, and it turns out she had – I had the image of my Lexie sorted!

Here’s the blurb, to whet your appetite:

Winter 2019.

Callum and Lexie are perfect for each other – at least, that’s what everyone tells them. But they’re just good friends, aren’t they? And neither wants to ruin the solid friendship that’s treated them so well since university.

But when an old school friend of Callum’s asks Lexie for a date, and passions overflow on a work night out, could it be the trigger to show each of them what they have been missing out on all this time?

With twelve weeks until Christmas, that’s a lot of opportunity for romance – and for misunderstandings…

It’s been described as “uplifting”, and that’s certainly what I was aiming for with it.

I really hope you enjoy this new story, once it goes live on 5th October…


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