Announcement: Ocelot Press is live!

You may have seen over the last few months the odd mention of Ocelot Press creeping into my posts. Well, I’m absolutely thrilled to be able to share the shiny new website for OP, which went live yesterday. Click here to follow us online, and find out more about the authors which make up this fine collective. You can also still find us on Facebook, of course, and on our Twitter feed.

Ocelot Press is an independent co-operation of a small group of Crooked Cat Books authors (past and present), who support each other in editing, producing and marketing our books, while retaining our independence and control as authors.

There are already some fine books out there for you to discover, and many more in the pipeline.

Which brings me to… The Raided Heart.

grass field
Photo by Postmans on

I’m currently still thoroughly enjoying the company of the ghostly community of York, but I’m also getting excited about my next project, a historical romance set in the borderlands between Scotland and England, and featuring those dashing border reivers. Yes, alright, also ruthless thieves and killers with little respect for the law at times, but hey, a girl has her right to romance, even when surrounded by so much hardship.

Please keep in touch with myself and my fellow Ocelots, and watch out for more information on The Raided Heart coming soon.



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