One Little Word, and some small resolutions

082c6NMHz1_AZwqxlBbdgw_r.jpgIf I’ve learned one thing about myself, it’s that I don’t really do well with ‘big’ plans. I tend to over-reach, fail slightly at the first hurdle, then give up entirely when it seems an uphill struggle. Not this year.

Several years ago, I discovered the ‘One Little Word’ concept, the idea from Ali Edwards where you assign yourself a word for the year, and try to explore / live by or with that word throughout the months, the ultimate goal being self-exploration and discovery. For 2018, I had a bit of a think, and decided to have another at the Word concept, and so, for 2018, my One Little Word is going to be…


This is definitely something I need to bring into practically every aspect of my life. For the last six months especially, I’ve struggled to balance a sensible social life and writing, having been completely consumed with working on the manuscript for Kindred Spirits: Westminster Abbey. Not that this has been wasted, with the book due for release next summer, but with a bit of thought, it could have been slightly calmer! Likewise, I’ve not quite looked after myself as much as I could do, and I’m keen to get back to reiki to find some balance there too.

All in all then, it feels a sensible word to go for, and a good philosophy to live by.

So what about those resolutions?

Again, I go too big, too far, too unachievable. This year then, I’m going to go with the following:

  1. Get back on the Slimming World track!
  2. Start the switch from planner to pantser, and for my next project, whichever that ends up being, actually sit down and plot it from start to finish, thereby (hopefully) removing some of the stress this time around!
  3. Be sensible with commitments. I really don’t have to attend every writing event, or decide that every new workshop must result in a new project. I really can just focus on what’s already on my plate.
  4. Try to keep up the reading.
  5. Keep things in balance! (See what I did there…)

That’s me then, for the year. What about you? Are you making any resolutions? If so, then I hope you manage to stick to them!

And I hope you have a very lovely and happy 2018.


3 thoughts on “One Little Word, and some small resolutions

  1. I have read a lot of resolutions lately, but none of them has inspired me like yours. I will stop struggling to find anything in my head, getting to be a complete waste of time, and adopt ‘Balance’ as so much of what you say makes perfect sense…

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