New Forays into Non-Fiction?

One of the things I really wanted to explore this year at Swanwick was more non-fiction. Having enjoyed (and learned lots at) Kathryn Aalto’s course on creative non-fiction last year, I was chuffed to see she was back, this time to tell us about researching as a writer. It was a great follow-on from last year, going into the detail of the best ways to gather research for a project.

I also attended the first half of Jacqueline Jeynes’ course on non-fiction itself, looking at how to make the most of our life experiences. Seeing life stages physically mapped out on the pages, from which you could brainstorm possible ideas for articles, was really useful. As was the second half of Sue Moorcroft’s course on popular fiction, talking about the best way to make the text come alive. As Kathryn Aalto had said last year, and emphasised again this year, using fictional devices in non-fiction can really help your writing come to life. Although perhaps more suited to memoir than the project I’m currently thinking about, seeing how the two weave together was extremely valuable.

The idea may come to nothing, but where there’s a will there a way, and as the “new project notebook” has already been set up, it cannot hurt to give things a go. It’s been buzzing around for the last couple of months, and at the end of the day, I can use the self-publishing advice I picked up during the week as well!

And the project itself? Well, the superstitious wuss in me won’t let me say the name in public just yet, but here’s a picture clue, to whet the appetite. Oh yes, and I also discovered Pixabay…

Metro signpost



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