The Last Plantagenet?


The fireplace hadn’t looked like a time-portal…

I had never intended to write a timeslip romance, but then, I suppose I’d never intended to write stories about ghosts either, so there you go!

The Last Plantagenet? has been an experiment for me in a number of ways. It was my first foray into timeslip, and then became my first adventure in self-publishing. I thoroughly enjoyed both of these things. It also became, in October 2018, my first title released under our new venture, Ocelot Press.

The tale was released on 2nd October 2017, the 565th birthday of my leading man, Richard III, and is available from Amazon (in both ebook and paperback) here.

The Last Plantagenet? is a paranormal romance, of ~20,000 words, following the adventures of Kate, who finds herself whisked back in time, from 2011 to 1485. How will she fare at the medieval court of King Richard III of England, and how will she handle life when she catches the eye of the king himself?

In October 2018, The Last Plantagenet? was re-released under Ocelot Press. I’m also thrilled to bits that it has since been classed as a Discovered Diamond by the Discovering Diamonds blog, and shortlisted for Book of the Month in October 2018. In January 2019, it was also granted the Coffee Pot Book Club Award by Mary Anne Yarde’s Myths, Legends and Coffee Pots blog, and, in December 2019, was granted an Honourable Mention by the blog.

!A Discovered DiamondTime-Travel Honourable Mention