The Historic Hearts

The Historic Hearts series is my planned collection of historical romances, set in the north of England. The first, The Raided Heart, follows the world of the border reivers, in stunning Northumberland, and I’m currently working on others, set in Scotland during the 1500s.

The Raided Heart (November 2019):

The Raided Heart

Meg Mathers, the headstrong youngest sibling of a reiving family on the English-Scottish border, is determined to remain at her childhood home, caring for the land and village she’s grown up with. When an accident brings her a broken ankle and six weeks in the resentful company of ambitious and angry young reiver Will Hetherington, attraction starts to build. Both begin to realise they might have met their match, and the love of their lives, but 15th century border living is not that simple, as Meg soon finds herself betrothed to the weakling son of a tyrannical neighbour, Alexander Gray. When tragedy strikes, can Meg and Will find their way back to each other, and can Will finally take his own personal revenge on Gray?