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Feline feelings in Issue 5 of Peeking Cat Poetry Magazine, available to buy here or download here.

The girl he left behind on Beyond The Western Front’s blog.

Flash Fiction

Puzzled on Flash Flood’s online journal.

Interviews etc.

New info coming soon!



Wilson, J. C. (2011) The potential for habitat creation around offshore wind farms. In Krause, G. (ed.) From Turbine to Wind Farms – Technical Requirements and Spin-Off Products. ISBN: 978-953-307-237-1.

Wilson, J.C.; Elliott, M.; Cutts, N.D.; Mander, L.; Mendao, V.; Perez-Dominguez, R.; Phelps, A. (2010) Coastal and offshore wind energy generation: Is it environmentally benign? Energies, 3, 1383-1422.

Wilson, J.C. and Elliott, M. (2009) The habitat-creation potential of offshore wind farms. Wind Energy, Volume 12, Issue 2, 203-212.


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