Answers from Heaven

It’s an interesting blog tour spot today, with a spotlight post on Answers from Heaven, a modern up to date classic book about afterlife communication. Given the subject of my fiction, I was interested to read it and find out more, so below, is an introduction to the book, and a summary of its contents. I … More Answers from Heaven

Animals Inside Out

A quick warning to the squeamish – if you’ve not seen the posters around Newcastle, or seen this exhibition elsewhere, some of the photos in this post may not come across as pleasant. A couple of years ago, I visited the Body Works exhibition at the Centre for Life, and although not exactly keen on … More Animals Inside Out

A Christmas Post

Christmas is a big time for traditions, and, like many in the north-east, Fenwick is home to quite a few for me. Yes, I know a big commercial retailer shouldn’t really represent the spirit of Christmas, but it does. So there. For over forty years, Fenwick’s Window has been a highlight of Northumberland Street, an … More A Christmas Post

Review: Twelfth Night

Last night, I had the pleasure of attending a production of Twelfth Night by Theatre Space North East, a group who have put on a number of performances in a variety of venues over the years. Last night’s was the last performance of the season, in Barnes Park, Sunderland, which has also included Hamlet, which … More Review: Twelfth Night