Dark Scotland: Repeating History

“It’s a strange feeling, the moment you decide to convince your husband to murder you.”

When I saw the call-out for Dark Scotland, I knew I HAD to submit something, and although my first instinct was to write a new, Scotland-based Kindred Spirits short story, the tale of Catherine and Duncan shouted just that little bit louder. And with an opening line like the above, how could I ignore it?

So, how did I get to that line?

Well, I’ve written before about how Duart Castle, on the Isle of Mull, is one of my favourites, having first visited years ago, and I was intrigued by the story of Lady Rock, in the waters just off the castle. In that tale, the poor lady of the castle is abandoned on the rock by her husband, and left to drown. She’s rescued, happily, by local fishermen, and lives the rest of her days in peace with her brother. But it got me thinking – that incident was the decision of the husband; what if it was the wife’s decision? How would that even come about?

My favourite view of castle, from the Oban-Craignure ferry!

In Repeating History, the fictional Lady Catherine knows the story of Lady Rock, and makes the difficult choice to manouvre her husband exactly where she wants him; but can Duncan get to her in time, and even if he does, can she rely on her brother to come through for her?

For my setting, I’ve drawn heavily on the Isle of Mull itself, with a fictionalised version of the island, and Oban itself. Always good to be able to lose yourself in a setting whilst you write, especially given that at the moment, there’s no way of getting there in person…

Released on 25th January 2021, Dark Scotland is available on pre-order now, and is raising money for two great Scotland-based charities.

Make sure you get your copy!

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