Getting to know them…

Happy November! I think… I’m not sure HOW 2020 is flying by, but certainly for me, it is. But anyway, back to October. Did you follow the October Blog Hop from the Historical Writers Forum?

For this hop, seven of us shared who our favourite historical figures were, and why. Did you follow each of the stops? If you didn’t get chance, click on through below, to get to know some fascinating characters, some of who were brand new to me:

First up: Lynn Bryant, introducing Sir Edward Codrington, an interesting, multi-faceted man who will be appearing in Lynn’s next book in the Manxman series, This Bloody Shore.

My own choice, Mary Queen of Scots

Second: Me! On how my family-holiday stalking introduced me to Mary Queen of Scots, a woman who still intrigues and inspires me.

Third: A double-helping, with two Romans, courtesy of Nancy Jardine, telling us about Gnaeus Iulius Agricola and Publius Cornelius Tacitus.

Fourth: Meeting the daughter of the heroic William Marshall, Matilda Marshal, thanks to Sharon Bennett Connolly.

Fifth: Today, with Sue Barnard, explaining why her choice is the Bard himself, William Shakespeare, and sharing a wonderful limerick!

Sixth: A Corsican revolutionary, but not the one who probably comes first to mind, introduced by Vanessa Couchman, Pasquale Paoli.

Seventh: For our final stop, Paula Lofting explains why Harold Godwinson was her pick, rounding off a wonderful series of posts.

Hope you enjoyed the hop, and make sure you head over to the Facebook page to find out about any upcoming activities!

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