June Writing Prompt of the Month…

Writing Prompt of the Month!

How are we so close to the end of June? 

Once again, for June’s North Tyneside Writers’ Circle, we were virtual, and we will be again for July, so do make sure you find us on Facebook and head over there on the 18th July for plenty more prompts!

We had a range of starting points for the Circle this time around, but one I especially enjoyed was tree-based.

Maybe it’s because I’m not getting quite as much nature as I would like at the moment, but I got thinking about trees, and came across this fun prompt in one of my books.

If you give it a go, do share any thoughts you have in the comments!

Isn’t it appealing?

Is there a gorgeous old tree near where you live? There aren’t that many near my house, but I remember as a child, always visiting a friend’s house, and seeing how far up a tree near hers we could climb. At the time, it felt ridiculously high, but looking back, I suspect it was only a metre or two. I would love to go back find out!

For this exercise though, we’re much more refined… Pick a nice, appealing tree, and, if possible, sit yourself under it for a while (only if within current guidance, of course).

Robin Hood picnicked under this one, of course… 

Think about:

– Who might have had a picnic under this tree, 50yrs ago, 100yrs ago, 150 yrs ago? Think back as far as you can, if you have an old tree.

– Who might have a picnic under it in the future?



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