May’s Writing Prompt of the Month

Last Saturday, we held the first Virtual North Tyneside Writers’ Circle. Now, as fun as it was, I sort of hope it was the first AND last, and that we can all be back together properly soon, in North Shields Library, but if we can’t, then at least we know it can work well enough via Facebook. 

Throughout our two-hour slot, I shared a number of prompts, one every twenty minutes, to hopefully get the ink flowing, and it was so good to see what people were able to write in a very short space of time. The group always writes great stuff, but it’s different sitting in a room where everyone else is writing, compared to being at home, and having no accountability if you chose not to take part.

For one of those prompts, I asked people to head over the Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “The Shows Must Go On” YouTube channel, select one of the songs they hadn’t heard, and then write the scene which would come next, if you only had that song to go on, but the one which got the most feedback was to be inspired by an image. Of course, this doesn’t work as well in a large room, where you’d need to bring enough images for everyone to be able to have a good choice, but on Facebook, everyone can pick the same, and it’s no matter at all.

I’ve shared the images I picked below, and the questions to ask were…

  1. What is happening at this exact moment in the image?
  2. What is about to happen next?
  3. Can you stop it? Would you want to if you could?

Do you write from images? I’d love to know how you use them to inspire you…

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