April Writing Prompt of the Month…

Writing Prompt of the Month!

I missed March, I’m sorry! As you can imagine, March was a tricky month, but now we’re back on track… 

For the first couple of weeks of April, there were some wonderful online literary events taking place as part of the Stay At Home Literature Festival, and I thoroughly enjoyed taking part in some of the workshops especially.

The first one I attended was looking at “Imagined Memoir” with Ruth Stacey, and as she has so kindly shared the exercises she set us on her blog (here), I thought this would form a great idea for April’s prompt. Do follow the link, read her wonderful poem featuring about Anne of Cleves, and see if you can find an interesting angle on a historical character you already ‘know’ from reading or writing to date.

For the workshops, as I was making notes, I was looking at a photograph of the Richard III facial reconstruction, which was interesting to use, given that it is contemporary in nature, even though it is showing a historical character. Other people went and found images of paintings online, and one even wrote using thoughts of a family member. You can see then, that there are so many possibilities for this concept of ‘imagined memoir’, writing in the voice of a historical character. You could even look at mythological characters, fairy-tale heroes and heroines, whoever you choose.

That’s this month’s challenge then – starting with the ekphrasis, then considering the use of ‘found text’, building in text that your character your has written. This latter especially allows you to get to know your character.

I hope you find it an interesting exercise!




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