A Novel Approach – 6!


This is it – the final in my A Novel Approach series of workshops takes place on Saturday 25th January, at North Shields Library, from 1000… 

At this workshop, we’ll be looking at ways to make sure the words keep flowing, as well as giving you the tools to keep going once the workshops have finished.

Tickets are available here, and as always, includes a written critique of up to 1,000 words (not necessarily written in the workshop).

I’ve absolutely loved doing this series of workshops, and seeing the ideas, scenes and snippets come together to form really interesting and entertaining stories. We’ve had humour, tragedy, romance, noir, and everything in between. I’ll say again, writing workshops, whether as a host or attendee, are one of my favourite ‘bits’ of the writing world, and I always find it fascinating to hear what different writers can come up with from the same prompt.

Currently, I’m planning on taking a short break from running workshops, but ideas are never far away, and I’m sure there’ll be more on the horizon soon. For now though, hope to see you in a couple of weeks, and thanks so much to those who have attended, for being part of this series!

Happy writing 🙂


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