An exciting week for my Ocelot Press books!

A couple of weeks ago, after the launch of The Raided Heart, I was thrilled to discover that my two Ocelot Press titles had been listed as finalists in The Coffee Pot Book Club’s Book of the Year Awards.

Well, the results were released earlier this week, and I was delighted to find that The Raided Heart was awarded Bronze in the Historical Romance category, and The Last Plantagenet? given an Honourable Mention in the Time-Travel category.

Looking at the other books listed, in all the award categories, it’s wonderful to see my two titles in such good company. And for The Raided Heart especially, it makes all the effort to finish this final draft worthwhile.

To tempt you in, here are a couple of extracts from Mary Anne’s reviews of the books:

The Raided Heart: The historical detailing of this book has to be commended. I truly felt as if I were living in the borders of Scotland and England during the 15th Century. This was a brutal time, with the threat of war and starvation ever-present. I thought Wilson really captured the essences of the era. If you are looking for your next tender historical romance, then look no further than The Raided Heart (Historic Hearts, #1) by Jennifer C. Wilson. I, for one, cannot wait to read the second book in what promises to be a fantastic series. I Highly Recommend.

The Last Plantagenet?: Wilson has a very elegant turn of phrase which makes this book immensely readable. The descriptions of the Court of Richard III — from the tapestries on the wall to the food upon the table — was very vivid in the telling. Wilson has obviously spent many hours researching this era, for only a scholar with a great understanding could bring such riches back to life. I thought Wilson’s portrayal of Richard was fair, and I was delighted to see that it was not at all swayed by the Tudor propaganda which has maligned Richard’s name for centuries. Wilson’s Richard is a good king, a fair one. He is not a fairy-tale prince, not by any means, and Kate does not meet her happy ever after, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I am not going to give away any spoilers, but the ending certainly made me smile. Although short, this novella is rich in historical detail, and the romance was undoubtedly swoon-worthy. Wilson has balanced both the modern world and the medieval one with great skill and diligence. This book is perfect for a long lingering coffee break. I Highly Recommend.


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