The Raided Heart Tour – Days Four and Five!

The Raided Heart Full Tour Banner

This week is officially flying! And it’s been another brilliant two days on the blog tour for The Raided Heart

Yesterday, there were two reviews, the first from Cathie Dunn, which concluded: The story carries a sense of tension throughout, and despite some light-hearted moments, Ms Wilson keeps readers in no doubt about the daily dangers people faced. There is plenty of conflict, external as well as internal, to occupy the main characters, and the fast pace leads to a gripping ending. A beautiful, realistic romance with dark undertones, The Raided Heart is one of those books you find hard to put down.

The second review was on Double Stacked Shelves: Readers who enjoy historical romance, will I’m sure, enjoy ‘The Raided Heart’. A solid recommendation from me!

You have no idea how wonderful it is to read reviews like that!

Today, there have been another two reviews, the first being from World Geekly News, where the comment that the research is evident in the book really did make me smile: This is a beautifully researched book, but it wears that research lightly. Time and place are impeccably observed. You feel the fear of the women, sitting by the windows waiting for their men to return from raids. The hardships of winter and poverty, and the lack of justice or protection for victims of crime, or worse, are well-drawn.

The romance is sweet and believable, and never cloying. There is always a sense of foreboding and danger on the horizon, which must have been commonplace for both men and women of the times. Hunger and poverty are always nearby.

The Raided Heart is a most enjoyable read on a cosy winter’s night, tucked away from the inhospitable weather. If you are looking to step into the his-fic genre, I found this a great starting point as a stand-alone read to dip a toe in the water. Recommended.

The second review was from Me and My Books: I thoroughly enjoyed this story and found myself eager to keep flipping the pages. If you like historical fiction that has a addictive story-line, had doubt and intrigue and is a great all round read, then grab a copy of The Raided Heart. It is a book I would definitely recommend.

As with the previous two days, don’t forget that there is still a giveaway for ebooks of The Last Plantagenet?, so click through to read the full reviews, and enter!

We still have nine more stops on the tour, so stay tuned…

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