Ocelot Press – A growing list!


Have you seen the list of books currently (or about to be) available from Ocelot Press? Make sure you visit our website on a regular basis, to keep up to date with what’s about to hit the electronic shelves.

Click right here, and be transported to some very interesting times and places…



woman lying on area rug reading books



So far, we have the following to tempt you in:

  • From Sue Barnard:
    • The Ghostly Father.
    • The Unkindest Cut of All.
  • From Vanessa Couchman:
    • Overture.
    • The House at Zaronza.
    • The Corsican Widow.
    • French Collection.
  • From Cathie Dunn (so far…):
    • A Highland Captive.
    • Highland Arms.
  • From Nancy Jardine:
    • The Beltane Choice.
    • After Whorl: Bran Reborn.
    • After Whorl: Donning Double Cloaks.
    • Agricola’s Bane.
    • Monogamy Twist.
    • Topaz Eyes.
    • Take me Now.
  • And from little old me….
    • The Last Plantagenet

See, how can you resist such a wonderful list of titles to tempt you in, and get you reading…

But wait, that’s not all! Coming soon (and currently available on pre-order, to make sure they land on your kindle just in time!)…

Make sure you keep in touch, to find out more!



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