Book launch for Grant Me the Carving of My Name

CarvingCoverLast Saturday, 4th May, I was thrilled to be taking part in the formal, ‘in real life’ launch of the wonderful anthology, Grant Me the Carving of My Name, in York Library. The setting was absolutely gorgeous, one of the nicest rooms I’ve ever read in, and it was brilliant to see it so full – practically a full house, with around forty people having signed up for tickets. You never know with these events whether you’ll accidentially outnumber the audience (a distinct possibility when there are six of you reading), so to bolster the audience, I took along my mum!

Alex Marchant has done such a brilliant job in bringing the anthology into existence, and she rounded this off by organising a great day on Saturday, as well as looking the part in amazing period dress!

On the day, I loved hearing extracts and presentations from the five other writers who had attended: Alex herself, Joanne R. Larner, Marla Skidmore, Susan Lamb and Wendy Johnson. It’s one thing to read peoples’ writing, but quite another to hear it read to you.


As for me, I decided to talk about paranormal historical fiction, as there are quite a few examples of it in the anthology, and then read an extract from the opening chapter of Kindred Spirits: Tower of London, given that it’s where we first meet ‘my’ Richard III. It can still be nerve-wracking, getting up and reading in front of so many people, especially when you’re the last person to speak, after a great collection of other writers, but I really enjoyed getting up and doing my piece. Definitely helps when people laugh at the bits they’re meant to, and nod along when you’re expecting that too…


If you haven’t already picked up your copy of the anthology, then please do follow the link at the top of this blog post, and treat yourself to either a paperback or ebook of this superb collection of Ricardian-inspired fiction. As we saw during the wedding of Princess Eugenie, scoliosis has not gone away, and all proceeds from the book are going towards Scoliosis Association UK, doing great work in this country.

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