Kindred Spirits A-Z: A rollercoaster month!

The Kindred Spirits World... in 26 posts!

Wow. Throughout April, I wrote almost 10,000 words about the world of Kindred Spirits!

A whole 26 blog posts, each on a different aspect of this little fictional world of mine, and the ghosts which inhabit it. Did you read along each day, or dip in and out throughout the month? Either way, whether you read one post or 26, thank you for coming along on the little adventure with me. I really enjoyed reading and responding to the comments you left too!

Not Christmas, but see it as more a sparkly feather boa than tinsel!

It’s all about lessons learned these days, in my job certainly, looking at what was done right, what could be done differently, and what learning outcomes came about as a result of an activity. Well, I can share one lesson learned from April, without a doubt – I’m still very much excited about the Kindred Spirits world! Which is just as well really, as I’m not planning on finishing with it just yet…

Through the novels, I’ve learned so much about the history of some of Britain’s most famous buildings, and the people connected to them, and that’s definitely something I’m still excited about. It’s true that these days, I cannot visit anywhere new without stopping to think about who might be hanging around, and what tales they could tell, or what’s vexing them about what’s happening in their home now. From that angle, it definitely adds a new perspective to any daytrips or visits I go on.

After all those words, I hope you’ll forgive me a brief post today, and for taking a bit of a break from blogging too much for a while, but I hope you enjoyed reading the snippets as much as I enjoyed writing them, and if you did download any of the books as a result, I’d love for you to leave a review!


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