Kindred Spirits A-Z: Plans for the future?

The Kindred Spirits World... in 26 posts!

Ah, the future… Not something I think too much about, with my writing being firmly rooted in the past! But what about the future for the Kindred Spirits Series? Well, with four novels, two anthologies and the Discovering Diamonds short story too, there’s been a lot of time spent in that world since I started writing Kindred Spirits: Tower of London in 2013. For a while then, I’m taking a little break from it, but only outwardly. Rest assured, my brain is always half pondering which ghosts I might encounter where, going forward.

The beautiful king’s chamber in Stirling Castle

Specifically, I’m currently plotting away on a series of Kindred Spirits Shorts, visiting places which for whatever reason didn’t feel as though they could warrant a full novel-length trip. One such place is the new gallery at Westminster Abbey, which opened just one day after Kindred Spirits: Westminster Abbey hit the electronic shelves. One day!! It couldn’t have been more annoyingly-timed… It was mentioned in the book, during its construction, but I really do feel I want to go back and write a bit of an unofficial ‘addendum’ to the book, and see what they’ve got up there. Henry VII’s funeral effigy is meant to be superb. I shall report back!

Other locations so far include Durham Cathedral, Hadrian’s Wall, a theatre production, and a tour of Scotland with a collection of very disgruntled women. I’m aiming for around fifteen stories, of varying lengths, and frankly, some of them were picked for the research trip potential. Having visited Stirling and Linlithgow last year, I’m appalled at myself for not having put pen to paper about this visit yet.

I definitely work better with a schedule in mind, even if this little collection likely won’t see the light of day until 2021. Plenty of time to find more locations and people to fit in yet then…

Today’s question:

Ok, a cheat today, but is there any particular person you think would be an interesting topic for a Kindred Spirits Short? 


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