Happy Valentines Day!


It’s the most romantic day of the year, and how about you treat your loved one (or, more importantly, yourself) to a delightful deal on some feline fiction? It’ll last longer than flowers and chocolates, after all… Although, to be fair, with offers like this one, you can have the book AND the chocolate; I don’t think life gets any better than that…

For a limited time, as part of the Crooked Cat Valentine’s Day Sale, ALL of the Kindred Spirits series are just 99p/c each! You can find out more about each in the series, and take advantage of this great offer, by clicking here

What’s the most wonderful gift you’ve ever received, whether for Valentine’s Day or not? With my writer’s head on (I know, sorry, blatant link…), I have to say that receiving a review is always particularly special. And I was thrilled to bits to receive a shiny new one this week, for my latest, Kindred Spirits: York.

Screenshot_20190211-183427_Samsung Internet.jpg

There isn’t much romance in the Kindred Spirits series as yet. The odd hint perhaps, but it’s an avenue I’ve yet to explore in this world.

Are there two people from history you think would make the perfect pairing, but who never got the chance to meet? I’d love to hear your thoughts, perhaps inspiring a future Kindred Spirits Short!

In the meantime, you can enjoy the whole series for less than £4 – I don’t think there are too many boxes of chocolates you can get for less than that, and believe me, there’s never a hint of guilt in devouring a whole book in one sitting…


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