Book review: Jennifer Macaire, The Road to Alexander

the road to alexander

The Road to Alexander

the road to alexander coverWhat do you do when the past becomes your future?

The year is 2089, and time-travelling journalist Ashley Riveraine gets a once in a lifetime opportunity to interview her childhood hero, Alexander the Great. She expects to come out with an award-winning article, but doesn’t count on Fate intervening.

Alexander mistakes Ashley for Persephone, goddess of the dead, and kidnaps her, stranding her in his own time. Being stuck 3000 years in the past with the man of her dreams wouldn’t be so bad if the scientists of the Time Institute hadn’t threatened to erase Ashley from existence if she changes history.

Ashley must now walk a tightrope, caught up in the cataclysmic events of the time, knowing what the future holds for the people she comes to love but powerless to do anything to influence it.

Join Ashley on her hilarious, bumpy journey into the past as she discovers where her place in history truly is…

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This was an interesting concept in terms of the time travel; unlike so many timeslip novels (my own included), the time travel was intentional, rather than accidental, meaning Ashley has had plenty of time to learn how to handle being dropped all of a sudden into the ancient world. I enjoyed the explanation of how her languages came and went as well, and in general, the scientific ‘basis’ for the story, in terms of the risk of her being erased if she did anything to change history, for example. It’s also always interesting, treading that fine line between a character knowing what is going to happen to another, and how they cope with knowing the ultimate fates of all those around them, and not inadvertently being executed for witchcraft, or the current alternative. In this case, the incorporation of gods into the story was a good way forward, allowing Ashley to known and tell certain things, as well as giving her an excuse for not being able to reveal others.

All in all, it was a great set-up for the rest of the series, and a good, fun read. Alexander himself, for such a wily general, does seem to take to (and trust) Ashley incredibly quickly, for somebody who has just stumbled into his battle camp, but then, as with so many of this genre, there has to be a slight suspension of disbelief to allow yourself to fall into the story. I enjoyed the small details in the story, like how the audience at the theatre showed their appreciation, and how the ordinary people went about their daily lives. So often, with a character like Alexander around, and so much momentous history happening, they get forgotten, so that was a good addition. Sometimes, Ashley’s modern opinions felt as though she should have kept them hidden (of course, we understand that slavery and sacrifice are abhorrent now, but the ancients didn’t, so some of the lines where she tried to get the slaves freed jarred a bit), but on the whole, it was a great read, set in a time which doesn’t always get the fictional focus it really deserves.

About Jennifer

the road - macaire author picJennifer Macaire is an American living in Paris. She likes to read, eat chocolate, and plays a mean game of golf. She grew up in upstate New York, Samoa, and the Virgin Islands. She graduated from St Peter and Paul High School in St Thomas and moved to NYC where she modelled for five years for Elite. She went to France and met her husband at the polo club. All that is true. But she mostly likes to make up stories


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