A Novel Approach – One month to go!

In one month, on the 9th February, I’ll be hosting the first of six workshops I have planned in North Shields Library over the coming year, as part of my ‘A Novel Approach’ series, and I cannot wait.

person uses pen on book

As both an attendee and organiser, I absolutely adore writing workshops, of any style or genre, and at any level. There’s just something about starting with a blank page, being given a prompt, and feeling that spark of creativity strike, and the ink start to flow. As an organiser especially, seeing everyone, heads-down, pens rushing across the page, is a wonderful feeling. It means you’ve explained the prompt sufficiently for one thing!

That’s why I decided to organise my own series. Over the course of the first workshop, we’ll be looking at initial idea-generation, how to get those ideas into something resembling a plot, and other ways of getting that magic inspiration. Following that, we’ll be covering things like characters, setting, keeping the momentum going, and where to go next once you’re getting that word count going up and up.

I’ve called the series ‘A Novel Approach’, but that’s not to say that you need to be working towards a novel. After all, short stories have characters, poems have settings, and everything needs to come from an initial idea, whatever your scope or style. I get really excited when people read back what they’ve written, or explain where the prompt has taken them, seeing the different tangents people have taken themselves off in.

I also hope that it can help you regardless of your current stage in the writing journey. Whether you have a partially-drafted novel hidden on the hard-drive, or just the vague notion that there’s an idea inside you, there’ll be plenty of scope for writing, feedback, and discussion on key points.

There is also the chance for written feedback on up to 1,000 words following each session, included in the ticket price of £15/session.

If you have any questions, then use the ‘contact me’ page, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

One thought on “A Novel Approach – One month to go!

  1. Reblogged this on Ocelot Press and commented:
    Ocelot Press author Jennifer C. Wilson is running a series of writing workshops in North Shields, UK, starting in February. If you live in that part of the world, this is an opportunity not to miss. And at £15 per session, it’s a bargain.


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