A Christmas Tale (or several)

Is there a song which really ‘gets you’, or gets under your skin?

Music is such a big thing for me, it’s part of everything I do (*starts humming a certain Robin Hood theme*), including, now, inspiring my writing. And for as long as I can remember, there’s been one line, in one song, which drives me mad. Later this month, you’ll get to know what it was…

Today marks the first day of a great new project by the Discovering Diamonds blog, which I’m thrilled to bits to be a part of (see badge as featured image), having been lucky enough to have received a Discovered Diamond badge for both Kindred Spirits: Royal Mile and The Last Plantagenet? this last few months.

DDRevs Christmas BannerAnd what is this project, I hear you ask? Well, follow the link, or the hashtag #DDRevsStorySong on Twitter and Facebook throughout December to ‘collect’ a fabulous collection of stories, all inspired by a song of the writer’s choice. There’s a real mix of both music and writers involved, and I cannot wait to read them all.

As for mine, I’ll give you a hint on the day mine’s released, so you can see if you can guess the song!

I hope you enjoy them all, and let me know what song inspires you – is there a story in it?

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