Five Photos with … Jennifer Wilson

What five photos define you / your writing? I had a lot of fun picking these five, but it was a challenge to narrow it down!
Huge thanks to Sharon for hosting me today, and I’d love to see what you think of my five…

Sharon Booth: uplifting fiction with a touch of magic

My guest on the Five Photos feature this morning is Jennifer Wilson. I had the pleasure of meeting Jennifer on a social media marketing course run by Anita Chapman (highly recommended!) earlier this year, and remember noting her passion for her subject even then. She was clearly fascinated by Richard III and so it’s no surprise that at least one of her photos is connected to him. But what a photograph! And what an event! Over to Jennifer with her amazing first photograph. 

Me and Richard III

This photo means so much to me, as it’s one of those moments which I can pinpoint as being a huge jump in terms of my writing life, which is so important to me. There cannot be many writers who get to attend part of the funeral services of their leading man, and even fewer when you narrow that down to historical fiction…

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