Special Offer!


Happy Thursday everyone! To help celebrate the upcoming launch of Kindred Spirits: Westminster Abbey (tomorrow!), here’s your chance to pick up the second in the series, from June 2017, Kindred Spirits: Royal Mile, for absolutely nothing!

Ever wondered what the ghost of Mary, Queen of Scots is up to these days? Where in Edinburgh she lays her head? And who else is part of her ghostly court along Edinburgh’s Royal Mile? Well, now you can find out… Simply visit the Amazon page to pick up the Ebook for absolutely nothing as part of this special offer. And… If you like what you read, then Mary can also be found in Westminster Abbey, so you can find out more!

About Kindred Spirits: Royal Mile

Along Edinburgh’s historic Royal Mile, royalty and commoners – living and dead – mingle amongst the museums, cafés and former royal residences. From Castle Hill to Abbey Strand, there is far more going on than meets the eye, as ghosts of every era and background make their home along the Mile.

Returning to the city for her annual visit, Mary, Queen of Scots, is troubled by the lacklustre attitude of her father, King James V of Scotland, and decides to do something about it, with the aid of her spiritual companions. More troubling, though, is the arrival of a constant thorn in her side: her second husband, Lord Darnley.

Can Mary resolve both her own issues and those of her small, ghostly court?

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