The Live Plantagenet!

It’s alive! Yesterday, after months of tweaking, editing, panicking over tax and fretting that half the words would vanish, The Last Plantagenet? is live. The pre-order session was spectacular, and it’s now a fully-available ebook, available to buy right here over on Amazon. And, if you like, you can download an extract, to whet your appetite.


It has certainly been a bit of an adventure, getting the files together, and navigating my way through Amazon’s online publishing, but it’s also been a heck of a lot of fun, and I’m even thinking of doing it all again at some point. When I first read about Mills and Boon’s Historical Undone series, I started thinking about possible plot-lines, convinced I could manage the 10-12,000 words they were looking for. At the time, I had my NaNoWriMo version of Kindred Spirits: Tower of London, but the idea of getting anything actually published was still a far and distant dream.

It turns out I’m not cut out for Mills and Boon. Reading a few here and there, yes, but writing them, no. So into the drawer it went, well, the “not sure what to do with folder” on the laptop at any rate.

Until January. In January 2017, I had a mentoring session with friend and colleague Elaine Cusack, and we were running through a list of projects I had either on-the-go or in mind, and at the very end, I mentioned TLP. Apparently, my enthusiasm raised quite significantly, and she said to me simply: “Why don’t you finish it?” Why not indeed?

And here it is. My first self-published effort, and I am so proud of it. I love my cover, from SoQoQo Designs, and Victoria at Elementary V. Watson certainly helped get the “really well written” comment in my first review.

If you do download, then I hope you enjoy it, and if you can find a moment to leave a review, then it would be greatly appreciated.


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