A Swanwick Sojourn

If you happen to read this as (or soon after) it goes live, then as you read it, I’ll be taking part in my first writing session of #Swanwick69 and lifting up my pen for some pre-breakfast inspiration. I loved these sessions last year, and am looking forward to seeing what comes from them this time.

Swanwick lake

There’s so much on offer at Swanwick, and last year I dabbled in a wide range of courses, but this year, I’m almost going logical, and focusing on some of the non-fiction courses, as well as some which seem to have been designed and timed perfectly for the next stage of my writing adventure. This includes a short course on self-publishing, which I hope will suitably prepare me for the adventures of The Last Plantagenet? when it comes to September and October. I’ve got a couple of other ideas bubbling under the surface which I’m hoping to gain hints and tips for too.

Mostly, though, by ‘now’ on Sunday, I’ll have met up with some of the lovely folk I met last year, and probably met some new lovely folk as well. It’s a good place for loveliness!

I doubt I’ll be blogging during the week, but my aim is to tweet a couple of times a day, and share some more gorgeous ‘lake snaps’ via Instagram, so stay in touch – there’ll be plenty of us doing the same, I’m sure.

Have a good week!


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