Angered Spirits: Richard or Henry?

In my last post about my visit to Westminster Abbey, I wrote about researching the people and places to go into what I hope will become the third in my Kindred Spirits series. It was a great weekend, and I found plenty of inspiration not only in the Abbey, but also St Margaret’s Church, in the Abbey’s grounds, and the Jewel Tower, part of the original Palace of Westminster.

However, whilst I was happy, having an inspiring time, it seems I may have inadvertently angered one of my leading men…

It’s no secret I’m a fan of Richard III, making him my first leading man, and, when packing, I decided to wear a new necklace I had made, finally using a replica coin from his reign that I had bought a few years back. It seemed fitting enough to wear to a key historic site, and one he would have attended countless times before and during his reign.


All fine, as I walked through the Abbey, winding my way through the chapels and nave, until I reached the Lady Chapel, at the far end, beyond the High Altar. Henry VII’s Lady Chapel that is, built by the first Tudor king, with his beloved wife Elizabeth of York, the first to be buried there. Henry himself joined her in their joint tomb a few years later.

It was as I approached Henry and Elizabeth’s magnificent tomb that I heard a clatter, and realised it was the sound of a coin hitting the stone floor. Instinctively, I looked down, and was surprised to see… a replica medieval coin. Just like the one I was… As I raised my hand to my neckline, I realised it was the one I ‘had been’ wearing. And it landed right at the foot of the Tudor tomb!

I’m a scientific person, I like facts, figures, solid evidence. But the facts seem to suggest I angered one of the warring kings – question is, which one?

Henry VII is coming out as the leading man in my Westminster plot, so that should appease him, but what about Richard? Well, I’ll take it as a sign to head back to Leicester, and repay my respects.

And next time I visit a controversial spot, I’ll wear a neutral necklace!


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