Noir at the Bar – Branching into crime (writing)

I’ve shared posts with you in the past, from Victoria Watson, who co-runs Newcastle’s Noir at the Bar, telling you about the event, and I’ve been along to a couple now, and I can say, hand on heart, that the quality of reading is consistently high. Not only are the readings great, but it’s a genuinely friendly event, and I’ve met some lovely folk at the last couple.

Can you see where I’m going with this? As you can see from the picture below, this coming Wednesday, 5th July, I’m going to be taking part myself for the first time.


It’s a nerve-wracking thought, getting up in front of some extremely talented crime writers and reading out my opening chapter, but I’m excited to see how it goes down. Also, it’s a return to The Town Wall, where I had my launch a month back now, so I feel I’m on safe territory!

The piece I’ll be reading is the opening chapter to a crime novel that’s been playing around my mind for years, and on a recent edit thanks to an excellent Killer Women workshop, I decided to add a shark into the mix (it’s set in an aquarium, so that makes more sense than you might at first think). The shark is a hammerhead, and I am so, SO proud to have had the presence of mind to call him ‘MC’. I am beyond tragic, but stick with me!

I suppose the only downside is that if the opening goes well, I’ll have to get on and finish the rest of it…


One thought on “Noir at the Bar – Branching into crime (writing)

  1. So pleased you have found your voice!
    Sorry, I am busy on Wednesday. Family duties.
    Check out the NAWGFest2017 on the NAWG website. Stephen Booth is giving workshops and Peter Robinson is our after dinner speaker.
    It’s a friendly, inspiring weekend.
    I hope to get up to Newcastle soon for one of your events.
    Anne Steward.

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