Kindred Spirits: Royal Mile – Launched!

Well,  the mania and madness (both in the positive) are over for now, and I am gradually coming down from the rushes that were Thursday’s online launch, and Saturday’s “live” launch, for Kindred Spirits: Royal Mile.


Both versions of the launch were very different to those for Kindred Spirits: Tower of London in October 2015. Then, I set up an online event, but didn’t really know what I was doing, and accidentally left it alone to go for lunch with my parents early afternoon. And the “live” launch was fun, but essentially just a gathering in the pub!

Not this time.

Thanks to excellent advice and examples to follow from other Cats, this time I had guests, chat, and more competitions. It was a great day, immersed in the Royal Mile world for the duration, and getting such lovely feedback from everyone. Huge thanks again to everyone who clicked on through and got involved throughout the festivities.

And then there was Saturday. In one word: Wow. I’m a natural-born worrier, and had visions of it being me, my parents, Elaine and Sandy, launching a book to an empty room. Or the bar somehow falling apart. Something going wrong, at any rate.

This did not happen. Saturday was unbelievably brilliant, and I simply could not have been happier with the way things went. I am determined NOT to get soppy here, but seeing so many people there, being so supportive, it’s a good job that for me, only water and lemonade were consumed until it was finished, or there may well have been tears in the second half. I commented on the day (to many people, sorry!) that it felt like a wedding of sorts, and even now, I’m waiting, with excitement, to see what the pictures from the fabulous photographer (Peter Robinson, Positives from Negatives) look like!

I’ll be posting some of those photos from the day when I have them, but as I’ve done nothing but grin since Saturday, I had to write something now.

So it’s time for more thanks, to everyone who came along to the Town Wall at the weekend, and for helping make the day so special. Here’s to (hopefully) another one in the future!

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