Book review: From Light to Dark and Back Again

Last year at Swanwick, I had the pleasure of meeting Allison Symes, and now I am having the pleasure of reviewing her collection of, as she puts it: very short stories to suit every mood.

from light

And they definitely do that.

There’s a clever twist to many of the stories, plenty of which make you stop and think twice, often reading them twice, like you would a poem, to really savour them and get the full picture.

Whether a tooth fairy determined to get her just reward, or a neighbour with a cunning plan to save kittens from a terrible fate, the range of characters really stand out – not easy in such a limited word count.

But each tale is fully self-contained; the perfect collection to dip in and out of, which is what I’ve been doing. As an avid reader, but one who has struggled to complete any fiction in over a year, flash fiction is excellent. This is a collection I’ve really enjoyed.

Allison’s collection can be found on Amazon here.

Find out more about Allison and her writing online at her website here.




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