Writing for the publisher

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Hello! At The Next Page, we’re keen to help you with every step of the writing journey, whether that’s through prompts in workshops to kick-start new writing ideas, or advice for people further along the writing path. For the first in our monthly series, we’re delighted to welcome Laurence Patterson of Crooked Cat, for some top tips in presenting your work to a publisher…


Writing for the publisher.

Let’s face it, authors, submitting your work to a publisher is one of the most hot-stake-through-the-eye painful and soul-bearing experiences you’ll ever have to put yourself through. What with the need to include this and that and this and that, it’s a wonder that they don’t ask you for a vial of blood and a bunch of hemlock, collected by light of a new moon. What makes it worse is not knowing really what they might be looking for, and thinking that…

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