Slimming World – January 2017

One month in, and… Well. If this was a school report, then the overall feedback would be “could do better” or, to be more precise, “must do better.”

It could be worse – my weight hasn’t gone up – but it most certainly could be better. In the post-Christmas whirl, January has ended up being my busiest month for as long as I can recall, with work and writing events taking both my evenings and weekends. I don’t resent this (especially not the writing events!), but it’s made shopping for ingredients and cooking from scratch a lot more difficult.

Still, no excuses for February.

Yes, it’s looking equally busy in terms of weekends, but this time, I’m feeling more prepared. There’ll be carrot batons and fruit to snack on, with plenty of speed-fodd filled lunches, and dinners waiting for me in the freezer (I’ve been getting good at soups…).

Not only that, I’ve now got a lovely weekend in Edinburgh booked at the end of March, and I really want to be in brand new jeans and sparkly top for the planned Saturday night out.

But the final incentive? At all those writing events, there have been cameras… I’m always reminded of Monica and Chandler’s exchange, looking back on her ‘fat days’:

“The camera adds 10lb.”

“How many cameras were you on?”

I’m very grateful on everyone else’s behalf, because the quality has been fantastic, but for me? Eep! I’ll just go find a rock to hide under, thank you very much.

With a book launch due in June, and plenty other events ahead of this, I want to be happy to share those photos.

So, feeling more incentivised and positive for February then; I’ll report back again in a month.


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