My first diet post

Nothing to do with writing, books or history today – I am officially declaring myself as a dieter…

Since joining Slimming World at the end of May 2016, I’ve lost just over a stone, and despite falling off the bandwagon with some style this past week, I am really putting the effort in again now. I know it works, and can work for me, so I have my goals, and I am going to do everything I can to hit them.

And it’s a bit related to writing, as I’ve treated myself to one of the beautiful Slimming World Journal, and I am NOT going to do my usual trick, and tear out the pages where it all goes horribly wrong (i.e. this week!).

It’s been really tough this week, and I’ve eaten my bodyweight in carbs and Christmas leftovers, but I’ll get there in the end, I’m sure.

Wish me luck! x


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