Writing (W)resolutions

If I’ve learned anything from the last few years, it’s that making public declarations of what I intend to achieve throughout the year leads to a subsequent announcement that I’ve not managed it. I’ll write a poem a day in April, then fifty thousand words of a novel in November. I’ll write new and fascinating blogs each week, and of course, I’ll enter every competition I can find.

All of this goes into a blog post, then about halfway through February, it all starts to fall apart… This year, I managed about ten poems in April, and in November, ended up editing Kindred Spirits: Royal Mile instead of writing anything new on any other WIPs, so only reached a couple of thousand ‘new’ words.

For 2017 then, I am learning my lesson, and being far more realistic in my ambitions. There’s the usual “lose weight” and “get fitter”, but this year, my writing resolutions shall be:

  • Write down each NaPoWriMo prompt in April, and do a mini-brainstorm of ideas, to think about when there’s more time, and keep my writing-brain busy for the rest of the year.
  • During NaNoWriMo, I’ll set aside time to write each day, but use the month for motivation, and don’t allow any guilt to creep in when I clearly end up nowhere near fifty thousand words.
  • Keep the Sunday Sojourn blogs going, but again, allow no guilt in if things start to flag.

The biggest one for me though, which sort of ties into all of the above, is to keep pushing myself out of my comfort zone. There are new projects to work on, workshops going on with The Next Page, and, I’m sure, plenty of other things which will turn up to keep me busy. Plus the small matter of a full-time job!

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year, and that if you do make any resolutions, you manage to keep them up… x


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