Panto Season

My writing partner-in-crime’s thoughts after her first panto for a couple of decades. I adore panto, and for the record, although Shane Lynch was the reason for going to this one, I am definitely planning to return for Cinderella next year (I believe with a reconverted Elaine!). Clearly, The Bench is a local superstar, and will be back for 2017, even without a Boyzone star alongside it!


I went to see a pantomine last night. Oh no I didn’t…oh yes I did! It was the first one I’d seen in almost 40 years.

aladdinWhen my creative partner in crime, Jennifer C Wilson suggested we go and see Aladdin at The Whitley Bay Playhouse, I thought about it for three seconds and said “Yeah! Why not?”

This morning I woke up with a smile thinking about the panto. The audience loved the show which has something for everyone: kids, mums, dads, grandparents and Boyzone fans.  I think Shane Lynch as Abanazar was the reason why Jennifer wanted to see the panto. He was a fairly convincing baddie and we all got to sing Boyzone songs at the end. Well, I didn’t. I sat there thinking “was Shane in Boyzone or Westlife?”

The enduring appeal of pantomine seems to be the choice of finest ingedients: local dance schools…

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