Entering Ekphrasis

I am a planner. Most people who know me probably know this. It’s a blessing and a curse! For example, I am already mentally planning the activities for The Next Page’s next workshop, on Ekphrasis, and it’s still two months away!

I’ve really enjoyed using Ekphrasis, or finding poetry / fiction in art, for a number of years, and entered Scotland’s National Gallery’s competition on the subject a number of times. Not with any success, but it was always fun to produce my entries.


Being inspired by a piece of art can take many forms. We can imagine what is happening in a picture, what is ‘really’ happening, and what is going on in the characters’ minds. Or we can be inspired by the whole ‘feel’ of a piece, letting it transport us to either where the artist intended, or where our own minds carry us away to.

These are some of the lines our exercises will follow, if you come along to Whitley Bay Library on Saturday 3rd December. The workshop will explore the various ideas of Ekphrasis, and hopefully generate some ideas both in the workshop itself, and for you to think about after as well.


Tickets are £20 for the session (1330-1630), and available from our TicketSource page.

If there is a particular piece of art which inspires you, please bring along an image of it to work from – no images will be damaged by any of the exercises we have planned.


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