Sunday Sojourn – My Top Five

I like to think I’m organised. I usually am. So I have no clue why I somehow posted a blog scheduled for today, last Sunday, and left today with nothing at all! Instead, I’m taking the advance of Allison Symes, a fellow Swanwick ‘White Badger’ I met in August, and having a stab at a ‘List Post’ – one which was actually initially drafted in my room at The Hayes, so at least there wasn’t too much work involved.

As I mentioned last week, I’ve started a new series for Sundays, looking at historical sites which inspire me, other writers, and our characters. Here then, I’ve listed my top five castles – and me being me, I’ve got a long list to choose from!

Duart Castle: If you read my post from last Sunday, you’ll know that Duart is my favourite castle, and has been since I was small, on a family holiday. It’s a proper castle, which is always a good thing!


Alnwick Castle: Obviously, this seat of the Dukes of Northumberland has an amazing history, but for me, it will always be the backdrop for Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, The Black Adder and most recently, The Hollow Crown. Oh, and it was in a film about wizards, Harry-something.

Carnasserie Castle: You may not have heard of Carnasserie, but this ruined, 16th century castle in Kilmartin Glen will always hold a special place for me. For it was here, at about 13, that me and my best friend Lisa came up with an entire novel outline. We lost my parents for a couple of hours, but on return to the carpark, our plot was sorted. I strongly believe that somewhere in our subsequent draft is a perfectly good plot, just need time to get to it!

Edinburgh Castle: These last two feel a bit fraudulent – is Edinburgh Castle really a castle? Or is it more of a collection of buildings, contained within a sturdy wall? Either way, I’ll never tire of it – there’s something special about sitting, armed with notebook and pen, on the terrace, with a lovely cup of tea, or on a sunny day, a nice chilled glass of wine…

Tower of London: Well, this one had to go in, didn’t it? I’ll not say much for now though, as it’ll be making an appearance all of its own in a couple of months.


Well, those are my top five castles – I’d love to hear yours!


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